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Sphere 3000


Sphere 3000 - a physical arcade. You have a ball that you need to complete the level. Using a rope, move the sphere, avoiding collision with a variety of saws and spikes. During the passage you will realize that this is not so simple, in some places the level of difficulty approaching hardcore. Adjust the trajectory of jump by pressing the button. Properly used not just jump will save you from the next restart. The difficulty is provided by the fact that the thread can be cut cutters scattered on the level, and if by you in this moment there are spikes or laser, then you have to quickly make a decision what to do next. Sphere 3000 make you improve a reaction and spatial thinking, the ability to make lightning-fast decisions in rapidly changing circumstances.Immersive gameplay also contributes to pleasant music and sounds, realistic physics, dynamic gameplay and vibrant color palette of warm shades. Everything moves, it produces grinding, knocking, etc., creating an atmosphere that highlights the remarkable soundtrack. For reflection and meets a new powerful graphics shaders, so in general the game looks very fresh and cheerful.
Just enjoy this unusual indie game!